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Web Design

Create or improve your online presence with our professional web design services. Create landing pages, email templates and more with the help of industry professionals.

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Graphic Design

Get your company noticed online and on print with professional graphic and web design services.  Create new websites, diagrams, ads and more with stunning results!

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Look sharp consistently across all media with a strong logo and memorable stationary. Your brand will resonate internally and externally with tools to help enforce your look and feel.

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If your business requires lots of design help for print and online design, we have packages for you!

How we work

lapBefore we begin any project,  we first outline your goals and tasks.  

All companies are different and we are here to make sure we understand your target and execute our media accordingly. We will ask questions and request feedback on ideas we can all agree on. If you are new to certain elements such as websites or advertising, we will take the time to answer your questions and get you up to date.

After assessing your goals and tasks we put together a to do list for all parties involved.

Depending on requirements our clients are very much involved in the process and in some cases we do not begin until the clients are ready with their deliverable’s. Once everything is in line, we then estimate amount of time needed to complete the tasks and work within budgets and timelines.

lapOnce projects are completed and published you have completed the Sesh.

We invest more than our time on your projects. We are in a competitive market which means we want to stand out and give our clients the best possible outcomes. We will always be around to answer any questions you might have and help plan a course of action with you to achieve your goals.

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About theSESH

A design house for everyone

Who we are

theSESH has been around since 2004 having worked with many companies in industries such as Real Estate, Medical, Telecom, IT, Entertainment, Retail, Banking, Food and Fashion. Our skill sets allow our clients to have a reliable one stop shop for all their design needs. All companies and individuals are welcome to join theSESH and get their media designed and executed professionally with stunning results.

What does theSESH mean?

In our infancy, most of us were musicians before we realized we were better at drawing than producing hits. Our musical influence carried over to our design work where we treated art the same way we would treat a musical session and hence theSESH was born. Our clients join theSESH and we deliver art in time frames agreed upon with stunning results. We are producing some amazing works and we would love to work with you on our next big hit.


Our Portfolio

A glance at some of our work