Your identity matters and we can help.

Your brand is one of your company’s most important assets. Logos and slogans are the start but branding goes beyond these elements.

We here at theSESH love creating logos with brand identity in mind. We understand that most start ups need logos which we provide, however, we don’t just create logos and let you be on your way. We could say in our graphics section that we illustrate logos, but logos are part of an identity, and that identity needs to resonate and turn into a brand that people remember.

A brand is “what sticks in your mind associated with a product, service, or organization — whether or not, at that particular moment, you bought or did not buy.
– the Tronvig Group.



We begin by assessing your business and what makes it unique to the category it fits in. We analyse your business name and work to determine meaning and visuals that could help define a logo. We add colour accordingly and finalize your logo.


Brand Identity

We work from your logo to determine your overall look and feel. We take your logo and colours to determine your style elements. We come up with a slogan to help refine your logo and brand and design your stationary items. We then prep your elements for use online or on print.


Brand Style Guide

With a brand, come rules to enforce your brand. A style guide is written up to instruct employees and marketers on how to properly use your brand across all media. The style guide contains fonts rules, colour values, logo placement and options on how to use your logo, slogan and colours.

Ready to get started?

We are here to get your business branded and ready for the market.

Branding FAQs

How much does a branding cost?

This is a tricky question. The answer is, how big is your business and how is your brand going to be applied. 75% of medium sized business should budget $40k, while small start ups should have $10k-$20k given the size of your business vs the biggest variable affecting the price is the scope of the work that needs to get done. Research can add a significant bump to the price as can the creation of deliverables. The bottom line is that the branding process must be viewed as an investment — it’s the design of your company. Compared to the cost of implementation, designing the brand is a bargain. But don’t sweat it, if you are a small business or individual that needs a start with a logo, read the part about “We just need a logo”.

How long does it take to develop a brand?

Three to six months depending on the size of the business. The availability of the client team and the decision-making process on the client side are typically the biggest influencers of how long the process takes.

We just need a logo. Can theSESH help?

Yes…but with theSESH you get more than just a logo. We follow best practices and our clients big and small love us for having done it right the first time. We work with you to develop not just the logo, but also a set of rules for how to use it. This can help you expand the look and feel of your company on your own over time.  Before you begin with a logo, make sure you register/incorporate your company name and make sure you have the domain name as well(Website URL). If you require help coming up with a name and verifying it’s availability we can help.

Who owns the rights to the work being created by theSESH?

Once full payment has been received the client owns the brand identity — we created it for you and it has no value to anyone else other than you.

What happens if we don't like anything theSESH creates?

We’re fortunate enough to rarely have to deal with this situation but if it comes up we’ll work on it until you love it.

I don't have much of a budget, what is the best way to proceed?

We have structured costs for steps and budgets, however raise your money first. If you don’t have enough to develop your brand, you certainly won’t have enough to implement it properly. Contact us to to get an idea on how to budget for your particular brand and see if you have enough saved up to proceed.

New to Branding? Just looking for a Logo? Get informed!

Branding stretches past logos and at times, logos may not be present on certain marketing items and handouts. This is where a particular colour or element can be used to subconsciously allow viewers to identify the company they are looking at.

Can you tell what brand this guy represents? Most people will associate this particular Santa with an actual brand. If you still don’t know the brand, Lets take a look at Santa. White Beard, Red Suit, white sleeves…Red and white… Did you guess Coca Cola?  Hate to ruin your childhood, but this version of Saint Nick and all other Santa’s since the 1920’s, are a direct creation of the Coca Cola brand. We may not see the Coca Cola logo, but we still feel the brand presence .

Now how about your company? Other than a name and a logo, how are you perceived by customers? If someone emailed you about your business, how does your electronic signature look vs your business card?  If you left your business card on a desk, and someone used it to visit your website, do they second guess they landed on the right site? Are your sales teams using the same sales materials or are they each producing their own materials? If so, how are they representing your image?

If you’re organization is struggling with all of the above, we are here to help your business stay consistent, streamlined and sharp at all times and in all media. We will then work with you to expand your brand and get your business noticed.

Getting started with a Logo

Ok, we get that some of you just want a logo. Before you ask for a logo, there are several things to consider such as name of business, Industry, availability for incorporation and online registration? How unique yet memorable is your name? If you look it up on google, will it get buried by common search terms? For example, if your name is Health and Fitness, you may have a hard time competing with the millions blogs that talk about Health and Fitness.

Avoid Logo blunders

When companies find graphic artist to develop logos, there is often a problem with formats and end products. Countless times we have been contacted by a client who require print ads and have a JPG or TIF of their logo to use in production. When this happens, we have to assess the steps on how to trace and recreate the logo in a proper print ready format. Clients get upset at this point because there is extra costs or they simply don’t care if their logos look blurry on their print material.  Both are horrible results and often times hurt the wallet.  This is often the result of the wrong approach to getting a logo vs properly getting branded.

Logo formats

  • Are JPG‘s and Tif formats not good enough? – Nope
  • How about a PSD? – Better but still nope
  • These are the only format we got from our designer! – Yikes, you better call them back

The answer is ALWAYS VECTOR.  An EPS, AI, Unlocked PDF or SVG are the true formats you should be receiving for your logo. The TIF and JPG are only for websites and MS word docs, but even then, there are colour concerns with those files.

We have a proper Logo based on the above criteria

Are we good to go?


Another problem with logos are simply, that’s all the clients wanted, that’s all they got.  Is that a concern? Yes it is.

Going back to the request for ads and print work. When clients have a proper logo, sometimes that’s all they have and this means everything they have created in the past and moving forward is completely inconsistent.  We request that clients provide us with a style guide and usage rules and when there are no such documents, the guessing game begins and now begin setting up rules to produce work. If branding was ever taken seriously to start, your organization would have logos with style guides and usage rules. These documents let artist and employees know the guidelines on how to use your company logo, where it goes on print material, what colours to use with materials(Web or print), what fonts and font colours you should be using in your documents etc, etc.

As you can see, asking for a logo is not simply asking for a logo and we here at theSESH deliver everything you need to build your brand and will work with you to refine it as needed. We can’t just give you a logo as it would be reckless of us to do so.

Ready to get started?

We are here to get your business branded and ready for the market.