Sarah Maughan – Holistic Nutrition Consulting

Sarah Maughan, a Holistic Nutrition Consultant came to us with a dilemma.  Her website had been taken down by hackers and she unfortunately lost most of her website content. We began to explore what went wrong and how to avoid this mess from happening again by securing and fixing her website core.

Originally, the plan was to try and recreate identically because I was still in mourning over losing that website. The images were so very clear in my head and it was really tough to let go of it, mostly because it was less than a year ago I spent time revamping it. I wanted everything the same – I was very stubborn. There were so many errors that kept occurring that it just couldn’t be done. We had to start with a new template, so essentially start from scratch – but hey I’m not complaining now. People talked some reasoning into me and it actually made more sense to just let go of the past and get on with something new – after all, if I was going to spend countless hours (you do not want to know how many hours) rewriting blogs/recipes from memory, reformatting blogs, inputting all of my pages, completely re-researching my gluten free products page that I lost, finding images, re-doing images, the works – I might as well come out with something so damn awesome that I will never have to reformat ever again for the rest of my life (or at least longer than a year).

Jaime, of theSesh, helped me in the initial stages when my website was gone and helped me with the investigation – before I even knew that it was all permanently gone and had to rebuild. He works with amazing security people and everyone helped me determine what happened which caused legal action to be taken. Settlement luckily occurred outside of court so it didn’t lag on and on we went rebuilding the damage. After working with him during the first part of the mess I really valued his work ethic, his knowledge and how he educated me about websites. I knew he was a perfect match to help turn everything around so luckily he was able to take me on as a client and understood my rush. Thank you Jaime for being patient with me, for educating me, for helping me through this mess, and creating this website with me. It turned an incredibly unfortunate situation into something I love and it allows me share nutrition with the world again!

– Sarah Maughan

Today the site keeps growing and continues to work perfectly. Site is always monitored and we work together to enhance it as time goes on.  visit:


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